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Licensed Esthetician | Acne Specialist

Kim Lopez

We offer customized skin treatments based on results and ethics to help you achieve glowing, healthy skin.

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Do you struggle with breakouts?

As a certified face reality expert, I will help you solve your unique skin issues with a customized skin routine.


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Where results meet relaxation

I have found my go to esthetician in Houston!

Kim is so good at what she does! She was able to identify what my skin issues are and recommended an at home routine which has been very beneficial. I have seen a huge difference in my skin pores/texture ever since I started receiving her services which is why I continue booking with her!

Self care days with #SkinbyKimLopez are my favorite!! 💓
Sam S.
Let me start by saying wow!

This is my first time getting a facial let alone having anybody other than me touch my face. KIM is amazing, she walked me through every step of the way from applying the serums to the extractions. Almost 7 days later and I’ve noticed such a huge transformation! My skin has cleared and I don’t have any noticeable blackheads or whiteheads plopping out of my nose as I did before! By far one of the best first time experiences! Definitely hands down going back especially since the room has a nice relaxing ambience feel.
Emily R.
Best. Facial. Ever!

I've had numerous facials from other places, but I always felt like they weren't really helping me with my problem areas. They were more focused on selling me their products and Kim wasn't like that at all! She really listened to what my skin concerns were. Towards the end, I didn't want it to be over because I was so relaxed. When I looked in the mirror I legitimately wanted to cry by how great my skin looked. My skin looked clear, smooth, my dark blackheads on my nose were gone, my face felt so smooth, and my pores were minimized. I've always been self conscious about my pores and I couldn't believe the results after just 1 visit! My husband and mother-in-law even complimented me of how great my skin looked. I will DEFINITELY return for another facial! Thank you Kim for making me feel more confident about my skin.
Janeen S.