I found my true passion in skincare and helping others with their skin after my journey with cystic acne. I struggled with cystic acne during esthetics school, and it took a massive toll on my confidence, self-esteem, and mental and physical health. I tried everything under the sun; YouTube videos, other people’s routines, DIY hacks, buying new products every week, you name it.

I know how it feels to have acne and not want to show your face anywhere. The struggle of getting unsolicited advice and getting asked if you’ve tried so and so products. I know how confusing and exhausting the world of skincare can be.

I'm so happy you're here, friend!


My "why"

As someone who has personally struggled with their own skin and the mental toll that goes along with it, I am now dedicated to helping and guiding others who may be experiencing some of the same issues!

"I highly recommend Kim, she is so fun..."

"I highly recommend Kim, she is so fun and outgoing. The first time I went she made me feel very comfortable and was very informative of what my skin needs were. I am so happy with my skin, that even my husband goes to get facials with Kim!"

"Kim is the best esthetician in Houston."

"She is so accommodating, knowledgeable and passionate about what she does. I had the best experience when i first visited her. She made me feel comfortable and she walked me throughout the process of what she’s doing to my face. I have acne so i asked her about her acne program. She was on top on making sure i have the right products and that i set appointment every 2 weeks..."

"Kim is so good at what she does!"

I’m glad I have found my go to esthetician in Houston. She is very caring when it comes to my skin and it’s needs. She was able to identify what my skin issues are and recommended an at home routine which has been very beneficial. I have seen a huge difference in my skin pores/texture ever since I started receiving her services which is why I continue booking with her! 

Experience the best custom approach to skincare in Houston.